IT Infrastructure Management

In today's dynamic business environment, companies are facing major challenges in managing their IT setup.

Baboon Lab offers customized solutions in managing the IT infrastructure, comprising

•  IT Planning, Budgeting & Setup
•  Server setup & Domain Management
•  Internal Networking
•  Vendor Selection & Management
•  Internet Setup
•  Desktop Management
•  Database Administration
•  Source Code Management
•  Implementation of Best Practices
•  IT Security Management
•  Employee Training
•  Intranet
•  Extranet
•  Email Server & Email Policy

•  Web Server Management
•  Document Management
•  ERP Selection & Setup
•  Storage Policy
•  Backup Policy
•  Disaster Recovery
•  Productivity Tools & Training
•  Employee IT Code of Conduct
•  Manual & Guide Preperation
•  Hardware & Software Supply
•  IT Stationary Supply
•  Periodic Maintenance
•  IT Inventory Management
•  Personalized Customer Support

We've 360 degree expertise of systems and its relation to organizational dynamics. Be it a SSI or SMB, we can implement and manage the requisite IT infrastructure. With our all-under-one-roof support cycle, you can outsource the complete IT setup and infrastructure management and focus yourself on your core business operations. We understand your business, organizational and individual IT requirements, your budget, future plans, operational dynamics and based on all available data we plan your IT infrastructure and help you to scale the setup as you grow.